Faith With Purpose

Posted By DeeJay Bettes on Feb 13, 2014 | 0 comments

What does faith mean to you?  I am a fan of Warhammer 40k books and came across a “quote” that made me really think about my faith and if I kept it at the level it described.  Here’s the quote from Ravenor Rogue:

To have faith is to have purpose, and purpose in life is what defines a man, and makes him steadfast and resolute. Faith keeps him true and, even in the darkest hours, illuminates him like a candle flame. Faith guides him surely, from birth to the grave. It shows him the path, and prevents him from straying into the lightless thickets where insanity awaits. To lose faith is to lose purpose, and to be bereft of guidance. For a man without faith will no longer be true, and a mind without purpose will walk in dark places!

Jesus spent his ministry watching and using the faith of those around him.  In Matthew 15:28 we see that a woman’s daughter was healed because of faith and In Matthew 8:5-13 we see the faith of a centurion that amazed Jesus.  In both of these examples, the individuals not only had faith but acted on it by seeking out Jesus.  Jesus’ disciples struggled with faith during his ministry and were consistently ask “why do you doubt” and labeled as having “little faith”.  I believe our duty purpose in life should be fully driven by faith.  What changes would you make in your life to make that a reality?

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